NSS® eForce™ Ride-On Scrubber - 26", 350 AH

NSS® eForce™ Ride-On Scrubber - 26", 350 AH

Item # NSS8302602-EA

  • Training is easy with a training manual built into the touch screen control panel.
  • Brush motor: 0.75 hp; Brush speed: 150 or 225
  • Brush pressure (lbs): 70, 110, 150
  • Vacuum motor: 2-stage tapered fan, 0.60 hp
26", 350 AH, ea

Battery powered ride-on autoscrubber with curved squeegee, 2 pad drivers, and on-board battery charger. Breaks with tradition and delivers an easy to use, easy to operate rider scrubber that's unlike anything you have seen before. Climb on the seat and point the joystick where you want to go. With no effort whatsoever, it takes you there. Three solution flow rates, three pad pressures, two pad speeds and two vacuum speeds. Conservation mode. Touch pad controls.


  • Touchpad control lets the operator work all of the controls from one screen.
  • Supervisor Mode allows you to limit machine operation to only the settings you want available.
  • Recovery tank is easily accessible for thorough cleaning.
  • Squeegee swings directly behind the scrub deck to allow for solution pickup even in the tightest turns.
  • Heavy-duty 7-gauge steel frame.
  • A smart solution pump system varies the solution flow rate based on the machine speed delivering exactly the right amount of solution to the floor.
  • Side-loaded battery compartment makes battery installation easier.
  • No tools are required to change the squeegee blades.
  • The upper body opens fully allowing ample space for cleaning out the recovery tank.
  • A removable filter captures debris before it can clog the recovery tank drain.
  • Wide-open access to the battery compartment makes filling batteries simple.


  • Water Lift: 61"
  • Air Flow: 78 CFM
  • Solution Pump: 0.125 hp
  • Flow Rates: 0.35, 0.70, 1.00 GPM
  • Drive System: Drive motor: 0.33 hp, Drive speed: Up to 500 ft/min. top reverse 40% forward speed. Drive wheel: 12" x 4", non-marking rubber with slip resistant tread.
  • Battery Runtime: For 6V 350 AH - 4.3 hours
  • Solution Tank: 25 Gal.
  • Recovery Tank: 27 Gal.
  • Productivity (ft2/hr): 35,800 Theoretical, 16,600 Practical
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