NSS® Champ 2929 Ride On Automatic Scrubber - 29", 325AH

Item # NSS7602950-EA

  • Its 36V electrical system package delivers up to 30% more run time than a comparably configured 24V machine.
  • Brush motor: 2 HP; Vac motor: 0.75, 3-stage
  • Traction motor: 1 HP
  • Solution Tank: 29 gallon; Recovery Tank: 32 gallon
29", 325AH, ea
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The steering column adjusts, with 5 positions from 0° to 40°, to the operator’s comfort level. It can also be tipped straight up to make entry and exit easier. The thick, molded-grip steering wheel reduces fatigue. The higher pivot point on the column means the operator doesn’t have to hunch over the steering wheel. Better posture means greater comfort and more productivity. The single front-drive wheel pivots 90 degrees in both directions; most other machines do not. The Champ 2929 turns around in 67" of space. This means the Champ 2929 can turn around comfortably in a 6-foot wide aisle.


  • Ergonomically-sound steering wheel and column pivot makes longer rides more comfortable.
  • Side-loaded battery compartment makes battery installation easier. No need to lift batteries above the side of the machine.
  • This ready-to-use machine arrives with charged batteries installed, connect the batteries, drive it off the packing skid, fill with solution, attach brushes and begin scrubbing. Initial battery-charging is recommended.
  • X-IQ Electronic Control System governs all the functions of the scrubber. An easy-to-read LCD screen displays all of the controls for the Champ 2929, including pad pressure, solution flow, battery levels, vacuum power and run time. Includes a digital di
  • The workpaths of the twin 15" brushes overlap a full inch to eliminate the center streaking often associated with competitive machines with less overlap. The 2 HP brush motor is more powerful than the 1.5 HP brush motors used in competitive units.
  • The 38.75-in. curved squeegee funnels dirt and water into the center of the assembly, where it is picked up by the powerful .75 HP vacuum motor.
  • Waterlift on the Champ 2929 is rated at 60 inches.
  • The flip-up battery cover allows easy access to the 36V. electrical system. This powerplant will generate 30 percent more run time than a 24V system on a similarly configured unit.


  • Brushes: (2) 15"
  • Brush RPM: 300 RPM
  • Standard Brush Pressure: 115 lbs.
  • Heavy Brush Pressure: 230 lbs.
  • Squeegee: 38.75" curved gum-rubber
  • Turning Radius: 67"
  • Sound Level: 69 dBA
  • Dimensions: 64" L x 33" W x 53" H
  • Weight: Machine only: 618 lbs.; w/batteries: 1278 lbs.
  • Warranty: 10 years poly parts, 3 years limited on other components