NSS® Wrangler 2012AB Walk Behind Scrubber - 20", 130 AH Wet

NSS® Wrangler 2012AB Walk Behind Scrubber - 20", 130 AH Wet

Item # NSS1502004-EA

  • A battery powered scrubber with a pad assisted drive, curved squeegee, and 115V on-board charger.
  • Cleaning path: 20"; Brush/pad: 1 x 20"
  • Solution tank: 12 gallons; Recovery tank: 14 gallons
  • Brush motor: 0.5 HP; Brush motor (RPM): 150
  • Pad pressure (LBS): 45, 80; Vacuum motor: 0.5 HP; Water lift: 46"
  • Drive wheel: 2 x 8"; Battery quantity: 2 x 12V; Battery: 130 AH Wet
  • Run time: Up to 3 hours; Sound level: 62 dBA
  • Productivity: Theoretical: 14,960; Practical: 6,960
20", 130 AH Wet, ea

Easy to understand controls, saving time when training new staff. Easy to maintain. The recovery tank opens wide to allow thorough cleaning, helping to prevent foul odors from bacteria. Delivers high-productivity and cleaning performance you can count on. It is a perfect fit for hard floor cleaning programs found in retail, convenience stores, healthcare, schools, airports and hospitality. Durable and reliable. Built for tough commercial environments, the Wrangler 2012 will hold up year after year.


  • A large basket in the recovery tank collects debris, preventing clogs in the drain hose.
  • The float shut-off protects the vacuum motor from liquid or foam damage.
  • The twist-grip handle easily controls forward and reverse motion.
  • A solenoid valve automatically shuts off the solution flow when the brush stops, preventing accidental spillage.
  • On-board battery charger recharges anywhere an outlet is available.
  • Extra tall drain hose allows draining into toilets and floor drains.
  • Main power key switch standard.
  • Two fill ports allow solution to be added from the front or the rear of the machine.
  • The clear solution tank hose indicates the amount of cleaning solution remaining and allows easy draining of the solution tank.
  • The 33" squeegee swings wide on turns to leave the floor drier. The breakaway feature prevents damage if the squeegee catches on an object.
  • Stainless steel hardware, durable steel framework and heavy-duty rotomolded tanks keep the Wrangler 2012 on the job, and out of the landfill, for years.