Spartan UriGard U For Urinals

Item # SC8600-CS

  • Disposable floor mat. Protects floor from urine drips, splash and stain. Features NABC Fresh Scent fragrance.
  • 21" x 18 3/4" x 2 1/2"
Charcoal Gray, 6/cs
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Protects flooring and grout. Urine splash results in stain, grout discoloration and urine deposit damage..at times even requiring costly floor replacement. UriGard disposable floor mats designed with super absorbent Trilex 20™ fibers, quickly wisk away and encapsulate liquid to prevent this type of damage and greatly improve overall restroom appearance.

Helps reduce cross contamination of urine. The UniGard floor mat is not a "step on" mat. It is custom engineered to avoid urine track off from the bottom of shoes onto carpeting and other floor surfaces in common areas of a building. The results is a cleaner, more hygienic environment.

Improves safety. Wet floors and puddles in restrooms caused by urine splash around urinals and commodes are unsightly, unsanitary, unsafe and a constant source of odor. UriGard disposable floor mats are perfectly sized to catch and contain all urine splashes and drips, providing a drier, safer floor surface. Ply Stay[TM] or Senflex[TM] T440 bottom layer plus velcro strip guards against slipping or moving of the mat for continual correct positioning.

Flame retardant. No fire hazard concern should cigarette or cigar ash fall onto mat.

Length of service is dependent on the number of people using the restroom. With normal traffic, each UriGard mat should easily last two weeks. Actual in-use field testing showed many mats lasted three to four weeks before needing replacement. While UriGard mats may be mopped over with a slightly wet mop, for maximum life span it is best to simply mop around mat or periodically remove UriGard mat for total floor cleaning.