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NCL® Rinse Away Plus™ Carpet Rinse/Neutralizer - Gal.

A concentrated, low foaming, mild organic acid that safely neutralizes and removes detergent residue build up. Eliminates problems with browning, yellow or water spots.  4/cs

Spartan Contempo® Tannin Browning Treatment - Gal.

Mild acidic product. Use as post spray application for browning and yellowing. Neutralizes alkali residue. Dilution: 2-16 oz. makes gallon. pH 1.0-2.0.
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Spartan Spartagard® Carpet Protector - Gal.

Repels water and oil based spills; suspends dry soils. Nonflammable. Contains DuPont Zonyl® 5180 carpet protector. Dilution: 32 oz. makes gallon. pH 3.9.
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