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Carpet Pre Sprays


NCL® Soil Fighter Plus™ Resoil Resistant Prespray -Gal.

A highly concentrated pre-spray that incorporates our exclusive EPT™ Encapsulation Technology. Anti-resoiling helps carpet resist dirt and soil entrapment.  4/cs

Spartan Contempo H202 Spotting Solution - Gal.

A convenient, ready-to-use, hydrogen peroxide based carpet spotting solution & pre-spray treatment. Clear colorless solution has fresh crystal water fragrance. pH: 5.0-6.0.
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Spartan SSE Carpet PreSpray & Spotter® - Gal.

Ready-to-use, unique blend of solvents and crystallizing detergents provide optimum carpet maintenance at minimal cost. Use in conjunction with Spartan's Spray and Extraction carpet cleaning technique; for pretreating traffic lanes prior to shampooing or extracting; for bonnet cleaning; as a pre-oil break or general purpose spotter. Citrus fragrance. Dilution: Straight. pH 9.0.  4/cs