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Tile / Mildew / Stains


Spartan Between the Lines™ Grout Sealer - Gal.

One-coat application seals and protects. Easy to use, water based formula. Protects against dirt and oil-based stains. Makes cleaning easier. Deep-sealing formula keeps grout looking newer longer.


Spartan RJ8 Restroom Cleaner - Qt.

Powerful whiting action and enhanced cleaning ability keep tile and grout bright. Simply spray and wipe. Tile and grout rejuvenator. Fights mold and mildew stains and soap scum on a variety of restroom surfaces. pH 13.1.


Tilex® Instant Mildew Remover - 32 fl. oz. Spray Bottle

Eliminates tough mold and mildew stains fast. Cleans tile, grout, toilets and fiberglass. Disinfects and kills germs with Clorox® bleach.

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NCL® Descum Remover

Available in various sizes. Chemically removes soap scum & hard water deposits without the use of harsh acids. Literally dissolves mineral deposits & body oils from shower stalls. Makes terrazzo, tile, slate tubs and sinks sparkle. USDA approved class A-1.

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