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Misc. Cleaning Supplies


Impact® 3/4" Drum Spigot

Made of FDA approved Virgin polyethylene. Handles viscous materials, not affected by most acids, caustics or oil. Instant on/off control. Fits 3/4" National Pipe Thread. WARNING: Do not use in temperatures exceeding 125°F.  24/cs

Impact® Drum Wrench

This durable aluminum drum wrench quickly removes drum bungs. Universally used for plastic or metal drum bungs. Lightweight, yet durable non-sparking aluminum construction. Aluminum construction permits use with hazardous materials.  ea

Impact® E-Z Grabber

Aluminum shaft with durable pistol grip. Rubber grips pick up objects as wide as 4 1/4", as heavy as 2 pounds. 30" length makes it easy to reach objects in high places. Eliminates bending to pick up litter.  ea

Impact® Plastic Pail Lid Opener

Removes lids from plastic pails and buckets without straining. Works quickly by applying leverage. Will not cut or distort container. Ideal for removing foodservice container lids.  ea

Impact® The Mopster™ Microfiber Bucketless Mop System

Complete system includes 16" frame, 32 oz. bottle, disposable microfiber pad, and 54" handle. Lightweight and modular.  ea