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Low Density


Heritage Bag Stock Trash Bag - 17x17, Refuse, Clear

Made from the highest quality raw materials. Available in various colors, in 4 gallon to 60 gallon sizes.  1000/cs

Noramco™ Black Heavy Gauge "T Bags"

Environmentally friendly recycled resins. Solid black film color hides the contents. Star seal bottom distributes the load providing a leak proof bag.
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Noramco™ Heavy Duty Municipal Liners

Available in sizes ranging from 7 gallon to 60 gallon. Available in gauges ranging from 1.0 mil to 2.0 mil. PGB bags contain a blend of environmentally friendly recycled resins. Individually folded and packaged in rugged, white corrugated cartons. Black.
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Noramco™ Virgin Linear Low Density -30 x 36, 0.80 Ga., BK

Manufactured with 100% prime Hexene based LLDPE resins. Offering superior stretch and puncture resistance these bags can handle heavy loads without failure due to tearing or bursting. Star seal bottoms evenly distribute the load, making the bags leak proof. Good bag to use when there are sharp objects being loaded into the bag. Black.  250/cs

Rubbermaid® Tuffmade Polyliner® Bag - 11 Gal., Clear

Strength and durability prevents tears. Save money in clean-up costs and eliminate double bagging.  1/500/cs