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IPC Eagle Fastracts BX2 Spot Extractor - 2 Gal.

The only small extractor truly designed to be a spotter. At 17 pounds, it is compact and maneuverable. Over sized recovery to control foam. Solution pressure: 55 psi. Vac Motor: 2 stage, 86" lift.  ea

NSS® Pony 20 SCA Self-Contained Auto Carpet Extractor

The Pony 20 SCA cleans carpet in less than half the time it takes with a self-contained pull type or tub type extractor. 41" H x 47" L x 23.5" W. 3-stage, by-pass type vacuum motor. 100 psi, diaphragm, by-pass type solution pump.  ea

NSS® Stallion 818 SC Self-Contained Carpet Extractor-8 Gal

The Stallions maneuverability and deep-down cleaning make it the perfect extractor for restoration of small and medium-sized carpeted areas. Pump: 100 PSI, by pass, diaphragm type, 115 (110V). Vac Motor: 3-stage tangential, 1.88 HP, 120V. Brush Motor: Permanent magnet, 0.125 HP, 120V, 1200 RPM.  ea