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Auto & Walk Behind Scrubbers


NSS® Wrangler 1503 AB Autoscrubber - 15", 35 AH AGM

Ergonomic design, simple operation and a compact body make it the best value in micro scrubbers. On-board charger allows recharging anywhere an outlet is. Pad drive motor: 24V, 0.33 hp, 250 watts, 130 RPM. Vacuum motor: 24V, 0.4 hp, 300 watts, 65.1 CFM. Waterlift: 49"; Batteries: (2) 12V, AGM, 35 AH.  ea

NSS® Wrangler 2625DB Autoscrubber - 26", Curved Squeegee

With its compact design and maneuverability, this machine is ideal for medium sized areas in grocery stores, hospital, and schools. Features 26" scrub path, three scrub pressures, variable forward speed up to 200' per minute, wheel driven, full differential, 25 gallon solution tank, 27 gallon recovery tank, rugged rotocast polyethylene body, swing squeegee with break-away feature, urethane squeegee blades (pick up forward and reverse), 24-V battery system, and on-board charger. Motor: 2 permanent magnet, gear drive. Pad Drivers: Two 13", poly back tufted with retaining cup. Vacuum Motor: 3-stage, bypass, tangential discharge. Drive System: Wheel-driven transaxle.  ea

NSS® Wrangler® 2010AB Compact Scrubber - 20", Battery

Ergonomic design, simple operation and a compact body make the Wrangler 1710 and Wrangler 2010 the best values in small scrubbers. Available with a 17" or 20" scrubbing path in either battery-powered (AB) or cord-electric (AE) models. The 32" straight squeegee features a breakaway assembly to prevent damage when it inadvertently catches on any fixed object. Reconnecting is as simple as hand tightening two knobs. Picks up in forward and reverse, swinging wide on turns to recover all solution. Ideal for larger facilities with confined areas, such as grocery store checkout aisles, school cafeterias, commercial kitchens, and hospital rooms. Designed for applications from 10,000 to 30,000 square feet, its perfectly sized for small office buildings, convenient stores, and nursing homes.  ea

NSS® Wrangler® 2016DB Automatic Scrubber - 20", Curved

A tight turning radius and scrub head lock-down feature allow the mid-sized Wrangler 2016 to tackle heavy scrub and standard scrub jobs with ease. A rugged, rotocast-polyethylene body and 7-gauge steel frame deliver long term durability. Battery-powered with wheel drive for easier maneuvering, especially up inclines. Available with straight or curved squeegees. 16 gallon solution and 17 gallon recovery tanks. Includes on-board battery charger. Swing squeegee with breakaway feature and urethane blades provides excellent pickup even on turns, both forward and reverse. Gear-reduced transaxle w/permanent magnet drive motor. Drive motor: 24V, .34 hp. Four 6V, 225AH.  ea

NSS® Wrangler® Automatic Scrubbers

Variable speed wheel drive, provides exceptional maneuverability while allowing the operator to match the machine's working speed to a comfortable pace, reducing fatigue. Two .75 HP brush motors and a powerful .75 HP vacuum motor combine with up to 150 lbs of brush pressure to handle heavy scrub jobs with ease. The large 30 gallon solution tank and oversized recovery tank mean fewer refills and more time spent cleaning.
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