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Scrubbers - Rider


NSS® Champ 2929 Ride On Automatic Scrubber - 29", 325AH

The steering column adjusts, with 5 positions from 0° to 40°, to the operator's comfort level. It can also be tipped straight up to make entry and exit easier. The thick, molded-grip steering wheel reduces fatigue. The higher pivot point on the column means the operator doesn't have to hunch over the steering wheel. Better posture means greater comfort and more productivity. The single front-drive wheel pivots 90 degrees in both directions; most other machines do not. The Champ 2929 turns around in 67" of space. This means the Champ 2929 can turn around comfortably in a 6-foot wide aisle. Its 36V electrical system package delivers up to 30% more run time than a comparably configured 24V machine. Brush motor: 2 HP; Vac motor: 0.75, 3-stage. Traction motor: 1 HP. Solution Tank: 29 gallon; Recovery Tank: 32 gallon.