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Marble & Stone Care


NCL® Stone Kleen™ Stone Cleaner - Gal.

Available in various sizes. A highly concentrated, low foaming, perfectly neutral cleaner designed for daily maintenance of marble, granite, limestone & other stone surfaces.  4/cs

NCL® Cyclone Intensive Ceramic Tile Cleaner - Gal.

Heavy duty alkaline cleaner for removal of ingrained dirt, oil, grease and wax. An effective grout cleaner for all non-polished ceramics and porcelain.
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NCL® Soil-Lok Penetrating Grout Sealer - 32 oz.

A water based penetrating sealer that repels oil, dirt and moisture from grout. Detergent washable, this product will keep grout looking like new. Does not change the original color of grout. Allows for vapor transmission to prolong grout life.
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