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Urinal Blocks & Screens


Fresh Wave 3D Urinal & Bowl Air Fresheners

Installs correctly every time. Unique design eliminates installation error and installs both ways without sacrificing splash reducing performance. Eliminates 99% splashback. Innovative splash-reducing lattice, supported by a network of posts that protect the drain and guarantees that the user installs it correctly each and every time. Shrinks as it releases beneficial bacteria and more than twice the fragrance as competing urinal screens over 30 days. Pull off date tabs to show when to change it.
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Fresh Enzymatic Blocks & Screens

Freshens and cleans the urinal for up to 1200 flushes while protecting the drain. Source reduction, no cello bag to throw away; black is wrapped in water soluble film. Reduces splash back, Patented "Non Splash" design keeps liquids where they belong. Green color. 4.2 oz.
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Big D® Non-Para Block - Clean Breeze

All non-para products contain blue blocks with cleaners and/or enzymes, that clean and deodorize with every flush. This water soluble toss block is to be used where paradichlorobenzene blocks are not practical. 100% biodegradable and entirely water soluble.  12/cs

Big D® Non-Para Toilet Bowl Rim Hanger-Evergreen w/Enzymes

Each rim hanger will last approximately 1,500 flushes. All non-para products contain blue blocks with cleaners and/or enzymes, that clean and deodorize with every flush. 100% biodegradable and entirely water soluble. Designed to prevent staining of bowl.  12/cs

Fresh Eco Bowl-Clip - Mango, Orange/Red

Unseen and secure - in the Ladies Restroom, the seat goes down and stays down, locking in the Eco Clip and eliminating odors for 30 days. Unique patent pending material contains 30x more air freshener than standard rimsticks. Gradually releases air freshener over 30 days. VOC compliant. 100% recyclable. Will not dissolve in, or pollute water. Easy to use. Fits on the outside of most standard toilet bowls, clips on the side of a toilet tank or even on a bathroom partition. Shrinks to fit as fragrance evaporates. Versatile - used in many toilet and non-toilet areas to combat odors.  12/cs

Fresh RemindAir 60 Urinal Screen - Mango

Fragrances lasts 60 days. Reminds you when to change it, simply pull off the date tabs upon installation to remind you when to change the air freshener. Unique non-splash, dome design minimizes splash and over spray on floors, walls, and partitions. Perfect for high domed waterless urinal cartridges and raised drains. Contains billions of beneficial bacteria that consume the source of odors in the drain. Unique dome design eliminates floating and movement in urinal. Made in USA. 5 screens per box.  5/cs

Spartan NABC Fresh Scent Deodorizing Urinal Screen

Deluxe 100% vinyl urinal screen features the exclusive NABC Fresh Scent fragrance. Universal size fits all urinals. Excellent protection and prevents clogs. Fragrance lasts 30-45 days. Poly glove included with each screen for sanitary removal.
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Spartan Urinal Screen w/Deodorize Block & Blue Dye Indicator

Master case includes 6 inner cartons of 12 each urinal screens and 72 poly gloves. No paradichlorobenzene. USDA: C2. NABC Fresh scent.
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